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History of Joey's Pizzeria!

Joey's Pizzeria OutsideJoey's Pizzeria started out as a gingerbread house in the 1950's. Later on the owners made several changes to the original structure and it continued as a business selling baked goods, candy, ice cream, and bicycles to the public.

The building was was sold in the 1980's and it was at this time that pizza was first incorporated into the business.

A major change occurred in the 1990's when Joey's converted to a full-scale pizzeria restaurant with an unforgettable black and white retro-style decor of the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Inside Joey's PizzeriaNow as you enter Joey's, you immediately focus on an original mural of famous movie stars like Monroe, Dean, Elvis, Sinatra, Brando, and many more. Movie legends are honored on the walls and tables throughout. Customers are always discovering something new at Joey's!

Joey's recipe for hand-tossed Italian thin crust pizza has been handed down for generations. Joey's keeps it simple by using the freshest and finest ingredients that money can buy. Joey's Pizzeria even offers fresh oysters from Joey's own oyster farm and local steamers daily! All pizzas and dinners made at Joey's are made to order!

Joey's continues its tradition of being a family-style restaurant with a Cape Cod atmosphere. Come see why Frommer's Travel Guide in their review of Joey's Pizzeria said "These flavorful old-style Italian thin-crust pies may just be the best pizza on Cape Cod."

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